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I'm so incredibly happy that you are as excited I am about the possibility of getting to know you and your partner and photograph your wedding day! Below is just a bit more info for you to know a little more about my process and how it works!

I wanna make sure that you know that I truly care that we both are on the same page and that this is going to be done the right way. You put so much time and effort in finding the perfect photographer for your day and I want you and me to be able to trust each other so we can create some art that can treasured forever. Literally forever, because photos are part of your legacy and I do NOT take this lightly. So take a minute and read through the FAQs below because I know you have questions!

Just FYI...

I only respond to emails during working business hours so that means Monday thru Friday 9 AM – 5 PM CST. Typically whenever you inquire I try to respond within 24 – 72 hours every time. Sometimes I might be traveling or I might be out taking photos of my couples or exploring new locations for photo sessions.

If you don’t hear back from me within that time frame, feel free to shoot me a direct email at